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About me

 Hello! I'm story is one of amazing joys, deep heartbreak and perseverance. I am mother, a daughter who has lost her mother, and now a widow. I live with the understanding of how sweetly complex life can be when we allow ourselves to fully honor and feel both the joys and pain that being alive brings. 

I am at heart an artist, I have my undergraduate degree in studio art and as life began to show me exactly how deep it was going to take me, I found myself drawn to the counseling field and to date have completed 33 hours towards my MA in Counseling.


In 2016 I was certified as a Reiki I Practitioner, studying the Usui system of Reiki with Elizabeth Valsala. I offer appointments in Corrales, NM and at 4916 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM in the Enchanted Family Medicine Building.

Yoga for Every Body

I am currently training for my 200 hour yoga teacher certificate in Integrative Yoga Therapy with Lori Smith and Cypresse Emery. Group and private classes will be offered in the Summer of 2019.

Heal and Renew


Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a hands on energy treatment. The practitioner places their hands on specific areas of your body, to include; the head, chest, abdomen and back. A practitioner can also treat areas of the body in a more intuitive manner as well. You remain fully clothed during treatments.

I currently offer Reiki treatments on a sliding scale:

 $45-$80 for a full treatment

 $25-$50 for a half treatment

Please call to discuss your needs and payment.


Coming Summer 2019.

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Contact Us


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